I write about "Good Houses" - historically accurate down to a parade banner color.

I (also) write about "Bad Houses" - stories that chill the soul, yet instruct you, the reader - Don't act that way!

What kind of "strange things" happen in your house? Are there simply "Bumps in the night?" - Or, is there more to it than that? Does your cat suddenly stop, turn, and run away in fear - of what? Sometimes, a house can be happy and joyful - but, other houses are not "so much fun".

I write the stories that don't fit your idea of "lost love".
There are damsels in distress to be sure, but also, the
"damned" who chose to ignore the subtle changes of
the houses around them.

I even write "General Topics" - just to keep the defense fair. (AND, stories for FUN!)

Most of all I enjoy writing about the "scary stuff"; The subtle movement of a curtain when there is no breeze; A soft touch on your cheek in the night; Who speaks in the room at the end of your hall? Do you see the "lady in brown" walking through your walls?

Anyone can write about the "100 Acre woods", only I can write about the spirit of the dead witch that lies in wait for resurrection in the midst of the pine grove ... waiting for you ... to pass by ...
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